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      Marilyn Loden is a leading authority on managing change to support and leverage diversity in the workplace.  For over 35 years, she has consulted to corporations, government agencies, universities, law firms and management consulting firms conducting research, developing strategies and implementing innovative programs to maximize the contributions of all employees. Her clients have included many successful organizations from Charles Schwab, ChevronPhillips, Citicorp, The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Genentech, Household Bank, Louisiana Pacific and Neiman Marcus Group to NASA, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Phillips 66, Procter & Gamble, Rohm and Haas Texas, Salomon Brothers, the University of California and the US Treasury Department.


Prior to establishing her consulting firm in 1981, Ms. Loden directed the organization development function at New York Telephone where she was responsible for organization effectiveness surveys and consultation to senior executives on strategic change management.  Throughout her association with AT&T, she played a pivotal role in efforts to increase career opportunities for women and employees of color.  Marilyn is also the originator of the term "glass ceiling" which she first used in a presentation at the Women's Action Alliance Conference in New York City in 1978 to describe the invisible barriers to advancement that many women continue to face.

Marilyn has advised hundreds of organizations throughout her career -- developing strategies to enhance recruiting, development, retention and promotion efforts-- and providing counsel to key executives regarding effective diversity leadership.  Ms. Loden also works with HR planning teams applying behavioral science concepts and tools to accelerate support for change, align corporate cultures with diversity and inclusion and assure sustainability.

     Ms. Loden's first book, Feminine Leadership or How to Succeed in Business Without Being One of the Boys (Times Books, 1985) broke new ground by identifying the unique management style of many women and the glass ceiling issues they face moving up the career ladder into visible leadership roles.  Selected as one of the 50 best business books of the year by The Library Journal, Feminine Leadership has been published in six languages She was also the lead author of Workforce America! Managing Employee Diversity As A Vital Resource (Irwin Publishing, 1991), the first comprehensive text about diversity management written for executives and human resources specialists.  Workforce America! has been adopted as a principal text in executive development programs at many graduate business schools throughout the United States. Her third book, Implementing Diversity (McGraw-Hill Publishing, 1996), outlines practical steps for leading a culture change effort aimed at attracting, retaining and leveraging diverse talent and discusses how to avoid the classic missteps that many organizations encounter as they embark on this effort.




   In addition to writing and consulting, Ms. Loden is sought after as a speaker on the topics of managing and leveraging workforce diversity, shattering the glass ceiling and gender differences in leadership style.  Her work and writings have been featured in print and broadcast media including  the Boston Globe, New York Times, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, The Today Show, CNN and the BBC.

Marilyn is a graduate of Syracuse University.  From 1979-2015, she was a fellow of NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science and served as an adjunct member of the graduate faculty in the School of Public Administration at American University in Washington, D.C.  In 1993, she was named Joyce Barnes Farmer Distinguished Guest Professor at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio for her work and research on gender equity, leadership and diversity.

From 2003-2008, Ms. Loden served on the US Navy’s Diversity Senior Advisory Council – sponsored and chaired by the Vice Chief of Naval Operations. In 2008, she was appointed to the Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel (CEP) – a civilian advisory board providing thought leadership and independent advice to the Chief of Naval Operations on matters pertaining to operational readiness. In this role, Marilyn chaired studies and devised strategies to help the Navy better leverage diversity and create a more welcoming culture and command climate free of discrimination for all sailors.  Her efforts lead to policy changes increasing leader accountability for sexual harassment and assault prevention and the lifting of the ban prohibiting women sailors from joining the submarine enterprise. 

In April, 2016, she was awarded the civilian Superior Service Medal by the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations for her “insightful leadership in refining policy and strategy to support an absolute commitment to nondiscrimination and uncompromising standards of performance related to matters of diversity and gender equity.” Most recently, Ms. Loden was selected by the BBC as one of 100 “influential and inspirational women around the world” being honored by the network in 2017.

Throughout her career, Marilyn has remained committed to helping organizations advance equity and effectiveness by building inclusive cultures where women and men from diverse backgrounds can thrive.

For 42 years, she has been happily married to John Loden, a writer and retired advertising executive.  The couple divides their time between  homes in Napa, California and Naples, Florida.